Anne Willemsen

Anne Willemsen feels right at home at conferences and presentations. Meeting people, engaging in conversations, providing information, and then making connections energizes her. During her master’s studies in business administration at Nyenrode, she, like everyone else, had to stay at home when ‘Covid’ appeared. Her inquisitive nature, which she had always possessed as a child, resurfaced. The question “But why?” had to be countered by many teachers and later by the professors of the Leiden Law School and Nyenrode Business University.

Anne has been involved with the magazine Gezond Verstand (Common Sense) from the very beginning. Initially, she volunteered for managing social media and organizing events (even secretly during lockdowns). Now, she coordinates the back office of the Gezond Verstand organization as the right hand of Karel van Wolferen.

Sometimes, she takes the spotlight during one of her events and had the opportunity to expand her media experience for over a year at the video channel blckbx. She started as a reporter and later became the anchor of the successful program blckbx today. Asking incisive questions and maintaining structure in an informative conversation are skills that Anne will also apply during the second edition of the Science Summer Summit.