PhD Ferdinand Meeus

Based on the facts, there is no Climate Alarm situation. Climate change is of all ages. Current warming of 1,1°C since 1850 is not unique and is not faster than before. In the past 2000 years there is sufficient proof that during the Roman Warm Period and the Medieval Warm Period we had similar warming periods without any causal links to human CO2 emissions. More importantly, the EM-DAT  worldwide dataset on Weather and Climate disasters does not show an increase in worldwide disasters.

Greenhouse gas effect due to CO2 is less than 2% of the incoming solar energy. Increase in CO2 from 0,03% to currently 0,042% has mainly benefits such as more cereal crop production to feed the poor nations. More CO2 is Greening The Earth.

Green Energy Transition in EU and USA to zero CO2 emissions is economic suicide because China and India continue with cheap and reliable fossil fuels. Additionaly it is technically not possible to replace fossile fuels with intermittant energy from sun/wind. A surgeon in a hospital cannot wait for the sun to shine or the wind to blow to start an operation.